"Grandma's House"
"Grandma's Dolls"
"Grandma's Christmas Tree"
"Grandma's Iris"
"Grandma's New Perm"
"Grandma's Nap"
"Grandma's Twilight Snow"



That's me in the upstairs window painting.

In the downstairs window Grandma Mabel is scolding Pussy Cat for playing with the curtains.

The rectangle in the lower left part of the painting is the driveway. The oval is a muddy sinkhole that Grandpa filled with dirt, gravel, and sand many times over the years but despite his best efforts the sinkhole always came back. So, it's not just taxes and death that you can count on, it's also Grandma Mabel's sinkhole.

Near the street of Grandma Mabel's front yard is the wagon wheel fence that Grandpa built a long time ago.

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